GOOD EATS: New gourmet shop offers deli delights!
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We are located on Cookman Ave. in the historic and revitilized downtown of Asbury Park. Right around the corner from local favorites like Bond Street Bar and Foolish Ginger. Just minutes from the post-Sandy renovated Asbury Park Boardwalk.

Speciality Sandwiches

Roast Beast: $8.95

Rare roast beef, cooked in house, and Vermont cheddar with a horseradish and cracked pepper mayo on a round roll


This is for the savage hearted... A slice of every deli meat in the case topped with potato chips and your choice of cheese, served on a pan baked hero roll


Ham, prosciutto, sweet sopressata, Genoa salami, marinated roasted red peppers and homemade fresh mozzarella served on a hero roll


Oven roasted turkey, Jarlsberg swiss, cranberry aioli, mixed greens served on sliced whole wheat


Ham, prosciutto, hot capocollo, pepperoni, hot cherry peppers and provolone served on a hero roll


Romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, cucumbers,red onions, tomatoes and feta cheese tossed in our Greek vinaigrette and served in a pita


Buttermilk soaked southern fried boneless pork chop, smothered in sausage gravy and served on a homemade buttermilk biscuit

SOUTH OF the MASON: $8.95

Slow cooked pulled pork with our homemade barbecue sauce topped with mac-n-cheese and served on a Martin’s potato roll


Brie cheese, granny smith apples and bacon served on cinnamon sugartoast grilled to perfection


Hot pastrami, homemade coleslaw, Jarlsberg swiss and Russian dressing served on rye bread


Braised pork (slowly cooked in our homemade tomato sauce) then pulled, topped with your choice of provolone or homemade mozzarella and served on an extra soft, pan baked hero roll

THE BACK ALLEY BRAWLER (aka—The Bensonhurst): $10.95

Chicken cutlet(choice of either fried or grilled), homemade fresh mozzarella and sautéed broccoli rabe served on a garlic bread hero


Italian sausage, peppers and onions. This is the Speakeatery’s special recipe served on an extra soft, pan baked hero roll


Marinated roasted red peppers, grilled portobello mushrooms, marinated artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, arugula, olive tapenade and goat cheese served on a hollowed out baguette

Hot & Cold Sandwiches


  • Chicken parmigiana $8.95
  • Meatball parmigiana $8.95
  • Eggplant parmigiana $8.95
  • Italian hot dog $8.95
  • Fried Chicken cutlet $8.95
  • Grilled Chicken cutlet $8.95
  • Chicken parmigiana $8.95
  • Meatball parmigiana $8.95
  • Eggplant parmigiana $8.95
  • Italian hot dog $8.95
  • Fried Chicken cutlet $8.95
  • Grilled Chicken cutlet $8.95


Proudly serving boar’s head provisions

Your selection of bread, one cheese, and complimentary toppings are included in the price

(Choice of: sliced white, 9" hero, round roll, baguette, Sliced Wheat, Wheat Wrap, sliced Rye, Pita, or a martin’s potato roll)

  • Turkey—$7.95
  • Tuna salad—$6.95
  • Genoa salami—$7.95
  • Prosciutto—$8.95
  • Ham—$7.95
  • Chicken salad—$6.95
  • Prosciutto—$8.95
  • Roast beef—$8.95
  • Egg salad—$5.95
  • Sopressata—$8.95
  • Hot capocollo—$8.95
  • Bologna—$5.95
  • Pastrami—$8.95
  • Hot capocollo—$8.95
  • Bacon—$5.95
  • Ham, salami & provolone—$8.95
  • Biscuit w/ sausage gravy—$2.50
  • Two eggs on choice of hard roll or toast w/ cheese—$2.50
  • Add bacon, ham, or pork roll—$1.50

Complimentary toppings:

  • Fresh mozzarella
  • Muenster cheese
  • Vermont cheddar cheese–yellow
  • Yellow American cheese
  • Pepper Jack
  • Jarlsberg swiss cheese
  • Provolone
  • Onions
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Hot cherry peppers
  • Mixed greens
  • Tomatoes
  • Olive oil
  • Brown mustard
  • Red wine vinegar
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Honey dijon
  • Mayonnaise


  • Roasted red peppers—$1.00
  • Avocado—$1.00
  • Bacon—$1.50
  • Marinated
  • Sundried tomatoes—$1.00

Fresh Green Salads

The Roman Empire (Strikes Back): $6.95

Our Caesar Salad. Crisp romaine, fresh grated parmesan and croutons, dressed with our homemade Caesar dressing

The Athena: $8.95

Our Greek Salad. Crisp romaine, kalamata olives, tomatoes,red onions, cucumbers, chickpeas and feta cheese, dressed with our Greek vinaigrette

Spiked Ty Cobb: $10.95

Our Chopped Cobb Salad. Romaine, grilled chicken, bacon, hardboiled eggs, carrots,red onions, avocado, tomatoes and blue cheese crumbles with your choice of dressing

The Lo Pan: $8.95

Our Asian Inspired Salad. Bok choy, shredded cabbage and scallions topped with toasted almonds,ramen and sesame seeds. Dressed with sesame oil and soy vinaigrette

“Our Thing” Salad: $12.95

Our Antipasto. Prosciutto, Genoa salami, sopressata, provolone, fresh mozzarella, hot peppers,roasted red peppers, marinated artichoke hearts and mixed olives served on a bed ofromaine with a side of balsamic vinaigrette

Down on Beet Street: $9.95

Our Beet Salad. Beets, mesclun greens, pears, goat cheese and toasted walnuts dressed with a berry balsamic vinaigrette

The Eruca Sativa (aka Salad Rocket): $7.95

Our Arugula Salad. Arugula, tomatoes and shaved parmesan dressed with our balsamic vinaigrette

Add grilled chicken—$2.50
Add a scoop of chicken or tuna salad—$2.00
Add Boars Head roasted turkey breast—$2.00
Put any salad on a wrap or pita for an additional $1.00


Pint: $4.99

Quart: $7.99

Soup of the day
Pasta Fagioli

Deli Case Specialities

Prepared foods available daily for take out. Prices vary by the pound. Please contact the store to inquire about our daily specials.

We try to post as many specials as we can to our Facebook page. "Like Us" and you'll see specials in your feed or scroll through these posts and check out what we do best. The Deli Case Specials are known to impress my friend.